The International Association of Professionals & Executives is one of the world’s leading professional associations. Our organization is comprised of top executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs from across the world and representing nearly every industry.

We’re dedicated to providing a global forum for our members to network, connect, and grow. If you’re looking to expand your professional network and create new opportunities, submit your application now to see if you qualify to join the IAPE.

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About The IAPE

Who We Are

The International Association of Professionals & Executives (IAPE) is a premier association of leading professionals, executives, and business owners from around the world. We provide our members an exclusive, world-class platform where they can network with top business leaders, connect with like-minded professionals, generate business contacts, collaborate with fellow professionals, share and exchange ideas, create new and exciting professional opportunities, find or become a mentor, advance their career, and grow their businesses.

Our Mission Statement

The IAPE’s mission is to help our members advance their careers and businesses through high powered professional networking, generating new opportunities, and developing long term and meaningful business relationships.

  • To connect like-minded business professionals.
  • To develop business opportunities and contacts for our members.
  • To foster professional and business relationships between our members.
  • To advance our members’ careers and business growth.
  • To accelerate our members’ professional development.
  • To help achieve positive outcomes and objectives for our members’ initiatives.
  • To recognize our members’ awards, achievements, accomplishments.
  • To advocate for our members’ success in all aspects.
  • To enhance the professional and personal brand of our members.
  • To provide the necessary support for our members to achieve their professional goals.
  • To spotlight business leaders and professionals making a difference in their field.
  • To function as a 3rd party professional endorsement and accreditation for our members.
  • To promote our members’ charitable, philanthropic, and altruistic causes.

We achieve these objectives through international cross-industry networking, professional and business development initiatives, professional training and coaching, leadership development, business and career support, and personal branding.

Home Virtual Networking


At the IAPE we're fully committed to redefining the concept of online networking. We wholeheartedly believe the majority of business networking will take place online or virtually in the coming years, with the knock on effects of Covid-19 pandemic only serving to accelerate this paradigm shift. Furthermore, the advent of online networking provides our platform with unprecedented geographic reach, allowing our members to build connections and expand their network in a truly global fashion, a major competitive advantage to in-person networking. We've invested heavily to provide our members with a cutting edge online networking platform designed to help achieve their professional objectives.

Our Values

The IAPE was founded on a set of principles which form the pillars on which our members interact, conduct themselves, and network on our platform.



Trust &


Giving Back

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Our Network

In today’s competitive environment, it’s instrumental for every professional to belong to a powerful and wide reaching network.

Our membership is made up of top professionals from North America, Europe, Latin America, & Oceania. IAPE members come from a diverse array of professional and personal backgrounds, with representation in nearly every single industry and vertical.

We view the growth of our organization as fundamental to achieving our goals of providing the best services and outcomes for all of our members. As we scale our reach, our members benefit exponentially.

We’re seeking top professionals from all industries and backgrounds to join our quickly growing association. If you’re ready to take the next step and accelerate your professional journey, we encourage you to join now and experience all the benefits membership has to offer.

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Impactful & Cross Industry Networking

Network and connect globally with an elite group of over 624,127 industry leading professionals.


We serve to recognize and celebrate our members’ achievements. Our team works diligently to highlight members making a difference. Our Featured Member programs honor select members, provide additional acknowledgement and an eye-catching addition to their resume or CV.

Collaborate & Exchange Ideas

Our forum provides you tools you need to collaborate with other members on a range of projects and initiatives. Share insights with industry professionals, exchange ideas, and discuss business trends and developments.

Marketing & Advertising

If you’re looking to grow your business or brand – the expert creative and marketing teams at IAPE may be able to assist. We can help drive additional sales and awareness for your business. ²

Build Professional Relationships

Our association boasts a highly engaged membership base. Start building a trusted “go-to” network that can help advance your career or grow your business.

Stand Out From Your Peers

Membership in the IAPE gives you a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic and fast paced environment.

Build Professional Relationships

Members may submit guest posts, content, announcements, and initiatives to share on our far reaching social channels and through our membership network. We take pride in amplifying our members’ messages.

Talent Acquisition

Business owners, executives, and team managers may tap into our diverse membership base to recruit top talent. ¹

Sharpen Your Business Acumen

Stay up to date on leading business trends by following our high impact content streams. Use our platform to help build your skills and confidence.

3rd Party Accreditation

Maintaining membership with the IAPE provides you with a strong 3rd party accreditation. We encourage all members to proudly display their IAPE affiliation by adding our logo and badge to their profile, website, and business card.

Business Opportunities

Use our powerful network to build and create new opportunities. Connecting with the right professionals can open up endless possibilities. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for guidance on your newest venture, an executive looking for a strategic partnership, or a newly minted professional looking for a new career opportunity – it’s all possible on the IAPE platform.

Digital Exposure

After enrollment, our team will provision you a dedicated profile that the entire world can see. Your personalized and SEO optimized profile will help you gain more online exposure and enhance your personal brand.

Digital Certificate of Achievement

All members are issued a personalized digital certificate of achievement which you can embed in your profile and share with your network.


Leverage our vast membership base to find a mentor or let others know that you are interested in becoming a mentor.

¹ Some basic limitations may apply. IAPE memberships are designed at the individual level. While we encourage IAPE members who are looking to grow their teams to look in-network first, we ask that any recruiting initiatives abide by our terms of use, are legitimate, and do not spam our members. For additional information, please contact our support team.

² Please note this is a managed service and not included in the standard IAPE membership. IAPE’s marketing & creative teams may be available for IAPE member’s use on an ad hoc basis and based on project considerations. If you’re a business owner or executive looking to garner additional awareness for your brand or business, please contact our team today so we may discuss project requirements, fee structure, and availability.

How It Works


Submit Your Application

Complete your application for membership consideration. All candidates are assessed based on the information they provide.


Complete The Qualifying Interview

All candidates must go through a brief screening and approval process. After review, if approved, you will have access to IAPE membership.



Build your profile, create new connections, and collaborate with industry leaders and professionals



Foster professional relationships with your connections to create new opportunities.



Enhance your personal brand, advance your career, grow your business, and generate business contacts.



Give back - connect with new members to provide guidance, tips, and advice.


The IAPE is a premier professional association and business networking organization for those that share a common passion for development, innovation, and networking.

Our goal is to provide our members with a global forum where they can build connections and opportunities through a structured, positive, and professional networking process. We enable our members to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.

By bringing together like-minded individuals and presenting them with impact-driven networking, potential collaborations, and business opportunities they would not otherwise have access to, we help our global members make a positive impact in their businesses, their professional capacity, and their respective disciplines.

HomeIAPE Membership
HomeIAPE Membership

While our organization is tailored to professionals at the manager/director level and above, we are currently accepting applications from all dynamic, motivated, and accomplished professionals with an interest in expanding their network and growing their career or business.

We offer all prospective members 2 different tiers of membership to choose from. We've tailored these tiers of membership to help you achieve your professional goals and personal success. Please explore our membership options below. For more information on how membership works, please consult the membership FAQ below. If you are an approved applicant, please select the desired membership tier and enter your invitation code to complete your enrollment. If you don’t yet have an invitation code, please submit your membership application today. For any questions or assistance with membership enrollment, please contact us today.

Platinum Annual


Gold Annual


Account setup and activation
Detailed and editable SEO optimized professional profile
Once enrolled you never have to reapply
1 year unlimited access to the online platform ¹
Connect & network with top professionals across the world
Digital certificate of achievement
Recommended connections powered by our unique matching algorithm
Use of the IAPE logo and badge
Member support available via email
1 monthly guest post submissions (this includes blog posts, content, announcements, and initiatives) for distribution on our social channels and through our e-release member messaging system
1 year complimentary enrollment in our Premier Member program ²
Enhanced placement within our platform's search results for more exposure
Display as a premier member in our member activity feeds
Access to our networking concierge desk
Your newsfeed and activity automatically amplified by our content engine to other relevant members
Priority email support
Select Select

IAPE Membership Satisfaction Policy:

We at the IAPE are committed to providing exceptional value and ensuring the utmost satisfaction for our members. We understand that making a decision to join a professional association is an important one, and we want to ensure that you have the opportunity to evaluate our program and services.

We offer a risk-free evaluation period of 30 days from the date of enrollment. If within this period you decide our program is not suitable for you, you can cancel and request a refund without any questions asked. We are confident in the value we provide, but want you to make a professional evaluation and join with peace of mind.

¹ All memberships are for the term of 1 year, beginning on the date of your enrollment. Memberships auto-renew on the yearly anniversary date of your membership. Starting 30 days before the renewal date of your membership our membership team will send you a series of emails reminding you of the upcoming renewal and included will also be instructions on how to cancel the renewal if desired. You can also manage your membership renewal through your online account.

Faq &

To enroll as a member, start by submitting your application using the membership application form at the top of the site. Once your application is received, it will be reviewed by a member of our applications committee. If our team determines that you meet the basic eligibility criteria, one of our membership enrollment directors will reach out to you to verify your information, do some quick due diligence, and conduct a brief qualifying interview. Once your application is approved, you may enroll you in any of the aforementioned membership options.
Great question! We have 2 tiers of membership, each suitable for a range of professionals and dependent upon your objectives. For those just starting out in their careers or for prospective members who want to get a better idea of what we're all about, we recommend the Gold membership. For established professionals, executives, and business owners, we highly recommend the Platinum membership as it provides the most benefit and represents the best value. For a more detailed evaluation of your membership needs, please submit your application or contact us today.
All memberships are for the term of 1 year, beginning on the date of your enrollment. Memberships auto-renew on the yearly anniversary date of your membership. Starting 30 days before the renewal date of your membership our membership team will send you a series of emails reminding you of the upcoming renewal and included will also be instructions on how to cancel the renewal if desired. You can also manage your membership renewal through your online account.
Of course! If you enrolled with the Gold membership you can upgrade to the Platinum membership by simply paying the balance of the dues anytime within your first month of membership. We do recommend that all members who are ready to make the professional investment enroll as a Platinum member as membership pricing is susceptible to increase based on demand and the economic climate.
We’re sorry to hear you want to cancel your membership. Member satisfaction is our #1 priority. All tiers of IAPE membership may be canceled and fully refunded within the first 30 calendar day of your enrollment. All members wishing to cancel their membership after the 30 day grace period are subject to the organization's approval and may be subject to processing fees if approved. If you have any billing related questions, please contact our support team today.
In order to provide the highest level of service for our members, we do charge a nominal fee for our memberships. Unfortunately we do not offer a trial or free membership. All approved candidates are entitled to a complimentary listing in our membership directory.
No – all tiers of membership include unlimited access to your profile and the network for the duration specified in your membership tier. There is no cap on how many connections you can have, however all members must abide by our “reasonable use” policy which prohibits members from spamming other members or engaging in other sort of nefarious activity on platform.
We’re sorry to hear that your application was not approved. While we make all efforts to approve applications, in some circumstances we may decline to approve candidates based on a variety of factors. If this occurs, you will receive follow up information from our team on how to re-apply and the reasons for disapproval.

The IAPE Difference

What Sets Us Apart

IAPE Difference

Boutique Network

The IAPE is a boutique professional association. That doesn't mean we're small - we have a highly engaged and dynamic membership base. Don't get lost in the clutter with the large b2b business networks and social media platforms. We are not your average cookie-cutter business network.

IAPE Difference

Vetted Professionals

What really sets us apart is our stringent application, approval, and vetting process. We ensure that all IAPE members are motivated to participate in the community, share our common goals and are serious about upholding our organization's values. Unlike popular social networks, you can't simply sign up and create an account.

IAPE Difference

Top-Tier Service

Tired of not having access to an actual human being or needing to jump through hoops to get a question answered when using the larger professional networks? Fret not - here at the IAPE we're a bit obsessed with the membership experience. All members have access to our direct email support. Our friendly staff is always looking to provide the highest level of satisfaction and service.

IAPE Difference

Easy to Use

While many of the components of IAPE membership are self service, we pride ourselves on providing a best in class networking platform that's easy to use. The on-boarding process is simple, our UI is clean and intuitive, and there's very little learning curve to getting up and running. Our platform also uses our unique matching and content engine to suggest recommended connections & content. Growing your network has never been easier.

IAPE Difference

Competitive Membership Dues

Our goal at the IAPE is to provide the best service at the lowest cost. Due to our scale and team's expertise we're able to provide memberships that represent a phenomenal value and are competitively priced. Don't spend thousands of dollars on a professional membership you won't derive a lot of value from - consider joining the IAPE instead. To learn more, visit our memberships section.

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